EasyHits4u Autoclicker Bot  EasyHits4u Autoclicker [ Bot ]


EasyHits4u Autoclicker [ Bot ]

Current version 1.4.1

What It Does EasyHits4U bot can automatically surf pages for you. You don’t have to surf soo many pages manually anymore. So how does the bot work? Similar to humans. It logs in and start surfing. Bot can recognise image captchas, like you see on the picture. Unfortunately bot cannot solve text(logical) captcha(you got sound alarm and popup when its happen, and you enter it manually), but it can solve image captchas with 98% accuracy.

Features - Auto solves captchas instantly (except word captchas) - undetectable and safe to use - pops-up on top when text captcha is detected - play sound alarm when text captcha is detected - automatically claims your prizes - no sounds and ads from surfing pages - 10-times faster at loading pages than normal browser - ability to stay logged in when you close bot - can logout when you close bot - can store cookies for every account - can resume surfing if you close/reopen bot - automatic notification of new version - displays how many sites surfed today - displays how many credits earned today - displays your overall credits - can use HTTP proxies - can be opened multiple-times - every instance of bot have its own cookie and proxy - cookies are fully controlled by bot - safe to bot with multiple accounts (with using HTTP proxies) - can change User-Agent - can detect captcha at prize page

- Windows OS(operation system) -any
- .NET Framework 4.0

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